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Current Status: Waiting for bug reports/feature requests.
With this utility, you can create an exact preview of where each face lies in a SKN file. Using this preview, it can be much easier to texture a model. It outputs the preview to the screen and in BMP format.
To use, simply press the folder icon (Open) and choose the SKN file. Then wait until it's finished processing the file (bigger files take longer) and then click the disk icon (Save) and choose a filename.
This is the first version of this program, as well as the first .NET framework-based program I have written and released to the public. There is likely to be errors/bugs. Please report them to me: nospam.10.bugs2.aladrin at Do NOT email this address for anything except bugs, you will be ignored.
This program uses the new .NET framework from Microsoft. You will need to download it if you don't already have it. Also, this means it will only work on Windows 98 or higher.

Version History

v1.02 02/08/25 - Reworked memory usage. It now only takes what memory it needs, instead of all it COULD need.
Added a thread for the load process.
Added a 'Loading' message while SKN is loading.
v1.01 02/08/24 - Added some error-checking code. Will not crash on unsuccessful file open.
Original - Has the ability to open all known SKN files and output to screen and BMP.
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