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Complete with her own nude, bathing, and PJ skins, of course.
Note: hands pictured are not how they show up in the game. SimShow refuses to show the hands.
By Request

Elven Folk

Elf Warrior Model Elf Warrior Magazine Cover
Elven Warrior Cover of June '00 CGW
This was made from the front cover of the June '00 issue of
Computer Gaming World. The art is for Neverwinter Nights.
This skin took many hours (25+) to make. Please respect that.

Faery Folk

Pixie Pixie Chrystle Pixie Autumn
Faery Chrystle Blue Autumn Gold
My first new mesh. A very big
success! Uses any head.
JM's Faery! Each includes everything seen here.
Visit her home decoration site,
JM's SIMply Elegant


Aladrin Arch Angel Katana Bunny Ears
Aladrin ArchAngel Katana Bunny Ears
It's Me! My brain got too big and blew the top right off my head! (Ego not included) ArchAngel of the
By request, a katana. No body skin is included. (B300) Head not included.


This is my best skin to date! Tigress comes complete with her own nude, PJ and swimming skin! (Yes, she keeps her fur!)
Note: hands pictured are not how they show up in the game. SimShow refuses to show the hands.
Tigress Tigress Skin 1Tigress Skin 2Tigress Skin 3
Career Pack
Additional Skins
Tigress! Additional skins by
Country Tigress Silver Lining
Country Tigress Silver Lining
JM's, of course.
White Tigress White Tigress with Wings White Country Tigress
White Tigress Black Wings
Country Tigress
White Tigress! Requires White
Tigress - Uses same
skins as White Tigress
For a few more skins for the Tigress, visit
JM's SIMply Elegant
Head and Tail meshes were made by me.
Nude Body texture was made by me.
Head and Tail textures were made by me and enhanced by JM
Additional Skins were made by JM
Feel free to make new textures for my meshes. As for credit, I just want 'Mesh by: Aladrin Kelahn' and a link to with it. You can put the link on my name or separate, whichever way is best for you.
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