BMF2SKN v2.00

This program does not have a GUI. It is command-line based.
BMF2SKN will convert a BMF to a SKN and vice versa.
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Current Status: Complete


Simply unzip to any directory on your Hard Drive.
To associate BMF files with BMF2SKN (when you double click them, BMF2SKN opens automatically) just double-click on the file. In the 'Choose Program' Dialog, click the 'Other' button and select BMF2SKN.exe


You can use this program in 3 ways.
1) Associate BMF files with BMF2SKN and then double click a BMF file
2) drag a BMF file onto BMF2SKN.exe
3) at a command prompt, type: BMF2SKN (filename) where (filename) is the name of the BMF file to convert.
You can convert SKN back to BMF by following the same steps.
NOTE: The SKN file is always created in the same directory that the BMF file resides in.
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